Moliceiro tours in the Ria de Aveiro

Glória, Aveiro

The boat moliceiro was a working tool in seaweed collection, and also designated the man who picked up the seaweed and drove the boat very often living in it.
None of the large family ethnographic boats and long descent have the grace and the decorative value of the moliceiro Aveiro´ of Ria.
The moliceiros are true rarities that embellish the channels of the lagoon with its jaunty colored prows and sterns uplifted poly chrome festival of naive paintings, gliding elegantly on the blackened and lodacentas waters.
In addition, we find a groove moliceiro allowing the lagoon waters using to its impressive sailing and with the most diverse traditional subjects such as moldings with floral and marine motifs.
This built wooden maritime pine and meek about 14,70mt long and a mast with a mainsail 10,90mt with an area of 80m2, elegant and harmonious has contributed to the preservation of regional identity in the tradition of building Naval lagoon.
Moliceiro riding is an excellent choice for the discovery of´Cidade of Água´.
Moliceiro sightseeing - The tours in moliceiros, something similar to gondola rides in Venice are part of the local tradition in Aveiro.
Next to the Rossio are anchored several moliceiros where you can take tours of a few hours by Ria, enjoying the city, the salt and the various channels.

Type: Itineraries and Circuits

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