Centro de Ciência Júnior


The Junior Science Centre, placed in Biocant Park, is a unique, engrossing and innovative project in the context of the Science Museums and Centres.
Its main goal is to enhance the experimental teaching of biosciences at all levels of education, with a view to building an entrepreneurial attitude in young people.

Specific characteristics

Reservations are made online, by filling in a form on the website. There you can also check the availability calendar.


There is a modular laboratory, which is adaptable to various type of work that aims to provide differentiated learning for each educational cycle.
In this laboratory, you can handle different materials and equipment, which provide development in technical skills and encouraging students to practise and generate interest.

Centro de Ciência Júnior
Centro de Ciência Júnior - Biocant Park
Associação Beira Atlântico Parque
Núcleo 4 - lote 2
3060-197 Cantanhede
Telefone: 231410890
Fax: 231410899
Coordinates: N: 40º21'36, W: 8º36'27
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