Estátua D. António Luís de Meneses


This equestrian statue, realistic in its proportions and details, was made by Alves André, a renowned sculptor from Cantanhede, and is on exhibition on a plinth in the Marquês da Marialva Square.


D. António Luís de Meneses, 3rd Count of Cantanhede and 1st Marquis of Marialva, is said to have been born at the beginning of the sixteenth century, and died on August 16th, 1675
A nobleman endowed with a refined military education, he was one of the most important personalities of the Restoration in 1640, having shown himself to be an outstanding by commanding the Portuguese troops in the battles of Linhas de Elvas and Montes Claros, which blocked the entrance of the Castilian army from entering national territory. He was awarded the title of Marquis of Marialva, for his military accomplishments, through a royal decree, on August 11th, 1661, and he was given the posts of Counsellor of State and War, Overseer of the Royal Treasury, Minister of Dispatch, Governor of Arms of Lisbon, Setúbal, Cascais and Estremadura, and Captain General of the Alentejo Province. In 1669 he was nominated Procurator for the Lisbon Court by the unanimous suffrage of the people and the nobility.
Estátua D. António Luís de Meneses
Praça Marquês de Marialva

Coordinates: N: 40º20'47, W: 8º35'39
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