Igreja Matriz da Palhaça

Palhaça, Oliveira do Bairro

The construction of this church was concluded in 1964 and holds a painting, from 1966, depicting the baptism of Christ.


In the centre of the sanctuary, there is a large image of Jesus, where the base of the cross seems to be the tabernacle. There are also two modern lateral chapels, made of wood, where the images of S. Pedro (patron saint of the parish, on the left, and Nossa Senhora on the right, are represented. Molina Sanchez is the author of the painting that represents the baptism of Christ (1966).


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Igreja Matriz da Palhaça
Rua Padre Manuel Oliveira, nº5
3770 - 355 Palhaça
Telefone: 234751312

Coordinates: N: 40º31'21, W: 8º35'58
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