Igreja Matriz de Cantanhede


Dedicated to S. Pedro, this church is the most important landmark and historical building of Cantanhede.

Specific characteristics

The right-hand side adjacent chapel in honour of the Holy Sacrament was commissioned by D. João de Meneses Sotto-Mayor, for his own tomb.
It was ssigned to João de Ruão who received the construction permit for this church on the 1st of July 1542, and it was concluded in 1547.
At the centre of the chapel there is a large grave where D. António Luís de Meneses (3rd Count of Cantanhede and 1st Marquis of Marialva) and his wife were buried.


According to a letter from the Count D. Sisnado (May 1807), who was responsible for the reconquest of Coimbra from the Arabs, he donated it to the sub deacon Lourenço, with the permission of all the clergy.
An still according to that document, the original building was constructed before the 11th century, and legend has it that it was built as an Islamic temple, during the Arabian occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.
Igreja Matriz de Cantanhede
Praça Marquês de Marialva

Coordinates: N: 40º20'49, W: 8º35'39
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