Pedreira de calcário (Limestone quarry)

, Cantanhede

The extraction of limestone from the most important sources which extend to the south of the Municipality (Ançã, Portunhos, Outil, and Vila Nova) and the activities which were always associated with it have produced evidence of an anthropological, cultural and artistic nature, that have indisputable value as immaterial heritage. This is something that we have to perpetuate.
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Generically called "Pedra de Ançã", the limestone from Cantanhede has been, for centuries, an important factor in the economic development of the region and has allowed for significant growth in sculpting and stone-masonry here. This has made Cantanhede and the surrounding areas one of the most important centres of Portugal in these activities.
Pedreira de calcário (Limestone quarry)
Concelho de Cantanhede (Outil e Portunhos)

Coordinates: N: 40º21'6, W: 8º35'19
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