Polidesportivo da Praia Fluvial dos Olhos de Fervença (Multi Sports Park)

Cadima, Cantanhede

This sports facility is part of the Olhos da Fervença river beach and is a wonderful place to spend some free time, and will certainly satisfy a wide range of users.

Specific characteristics

It has a picnic spot and sports field for the following sports: Futsal, Basketball and Handball


It has a picnic area and a multisports field for modalities sucha as 5 Football, Basketball and Handball.
Polidesportivo da Praia Fluvial dos Olhos de Fervença (Multi Sports Park)
Rua Principal
Olhos da Fervença
Telefone: 231410100
Fax: 231410199

Coordinates: N: 40º20'57, W: 8º41'42
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