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O Castiço Restaurant


O Castiço Restaurant

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The best of history and tradition


One could say that Castiço is in the centre of the world. It is certainly in the centre of Portugal and with extraordinary accessibility characteristics.

Restaurant Castiço is more than a restaurant mealhadense where it is served good suckling pig, with a family service and great quality. The Castiço combines the modernity of service, access to quality for all to the best history and tradition of restoration in Bairrada and Mealhada, in particular.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 7,5km - 11min

Oliveira do Bairro: 19,2km - 24min


Restaurant Castiço was born in 1975, near the National Road 1, at the southern entrance of the city of Mealhada, with the aim of offering everyone a moment of comfort and quality gastronomic tasting.

César Borges Carvalheira and Maria Adelaide Seabra founded this house, promoting a personalized service, with familiar refinement and good taste. But the hotel and restaurant tradition in the family does not appear here, nor at this time. Maria Adelaide Seabra's parents, Manuel and Piedade Maia, together with Maria Adelaide Seabra, have long promoted Bairrada gastronomy.

In 2008, Castiço was one of the first restaurants to be able to boast and be distinguished with the 4 Wonders of the Table of Mealhada: Water, Bread, Wine and Suckling Pig. This is an award of distinction for its prestige, promoted by the municipality of Mealhada, with the sponsorship of the Superior School of Tourism of Coimbra, which distinguishes the quality and authenticity of the most notable products of the Bairrada gastronomy.

On the walls of Castiço there are several autographed t-shirts of notable Portuguese football players such as Figo, Fernando Couto, among others, also as a sign of approval for the space and friendship for its owners.



Suckling pig Bairrada style, "Chanfana à Bairrada", Steak Castiço style, Octopus Lagareiro style, Codfish Castiço style.



Open from Monday to Sunday

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O Castiço Restaurant

Av. Cidade de Coimbra 93/5

3050-374 Mealhada


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