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Cultural Center Prof. Élio Martins

Oliveira do Bairro

Cultural Center Prof. Élio Martins

Oliveira do Bairro

The Cultural Centre Prof. Élio Martins began its regular cultural programming in January 2004. Since then, it has maintained a unique dynamic, which translates into the promotion of more than 40 theatre performances, with many of the biggest names in national theatre.

Raúl Solnado, Camilo de Oliveira, José Raposo, José Pedro Gomes, António Feio, Sofia Alves, Fernanda Serrano, Maria Rueff, Lídia Franco, Octávio de Matos, Natalina José, Fernando Mendes, Helena Isabel, Maria João Abreu, São José Correia and Ana Bola are some of the more than one hundred actors who have played on its stage.

In the area of music, José Cid, Quinta do Bill, José Perdigão, Mico da Câmara Pereira, Luís Portugal, Public Security Police Symphonic Band, Army Light Orchestra and Paulo Bragança, are also some of the names that have trodden the stage at the Élio Martins Cultural Centre.

This space, has had the privilege of having had some national premieres of plays, which demonstrates the consideration of producers, directors and actors and, simultaneously, the recognition of the work done. The plays "Raparigas", "Oh Zé põe-te em pé", "Super Silva", "Trio Armando e Armandinho" premiered at Silveiro, thus placing Oliveira do Bairro in the route of the great national shows.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 14,9km - 16min

Oliveira do Bairro: 3,6km - 5min

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Cultural Center Prof. Élio Martins

Rua da Pateira

3770-066 Silveiro

Oiã, Portugal

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Oliveira do Bairro