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Mealhada City Park


Mealhada City Park


Inserted in the north zone of the city of Mealhada, next to the Mealhada Secondary School and limited by the old E.N.1 (I.C.2), by the Avenue of the Schools and the E.N. 234, road that links the city to the mountain range of Buçaco, the City Park was born from a reconversion of the old forest nurseries, having been materialized in a wide green space that propitiates different uses, from the merely contemplative to the sportive.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 5,8km - 8min

Oliveira do Bairro: 17,6km - 21min

Extra Information

It is developed in about 14 hectares, in a concentric spatial organization, generated in a large reception square created in the north. This square hosts support structures to the Park, such as a restaurant and a cafeteria, which were born from the conversion of already existing buildings.

Being a green space par excellence, it also offers several equipments destined to the practice of physical activity, recreation and leisure and occupation of free time, such as football, tennis and basketball courts, children's playground, geriatric park, maintenance circuit and picnic park.

It also has a set of large megalithic sculptures.

The Park lodges the Municipal Center of Walking and Running of Mealhada, accredited for the National Program of Walking and Running, being a space constituted by a diverse set of proper installations for the practice of these two modalities, where the interested parties can find a specialized technician that guides them in their training.

The park is surrounded by a parkway and a grove of trees that constitute a visual barrier and provide protection from the noise coming from the roads.

In order to guarantee access and the integration of all these educational, recreational and leisure facilities, there is a network of paths, both linear and organic, which cross seedbeds, forests and meadows and allow for contemplative walks.

Mealhada City Park
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