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Burguezia do Leitão Hotel


Burguezia do Leitão Hotel


Burguezia do Leitão is a "small village" where, in a sophisticated and eclectic way, you can taste the best gastronomy from Bairrada, namely suckling pig and sparkling wine.

Here you can taste, experience, explore and stay overnight. With the quality and refinement that a true bourgeois is entitled to.


Distances from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 10km - 14min

Oliveira do Bairro: 20,8km - 26min


We are Bourgeois and true Lions who wear the crown of those who lead.

Our brand is made of bronze, obtained from an alloy of metals, namely tin, silver and copper, gathering diverse but complementary strengths, since both tin and silver are metals associated with the Moon and copper with the Sun and Fire.

We bet on natural materials with wood finishes, details in organic stone or fabrics, and a variety of mixed metals to create a serene space based on nature.

The Lions that take particular prominence in our brand reveal the ambition that, flanked by our shield, we will be leaders, and as such, we wear the crown with pride and determination.

Bourgeois is a term with diverse historical, social and cultural meanings. The word has its origin in the Latin burgus, which means city. The burghers were the inhabitants of the burghs, as opposed to the inhabitants of the countryside. They had a particular culture and an eclectic way of being.

And thus was born this burg that we call "Burguezia do Leitão"!

Burguezia do Leitão Hotel

Rua de São Domingos, 20

3050-183 Mealhada


231209880 | 911883693
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