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Vale da Mó Thermal Baths and Spa


Vale da Mó Thermal Baths and Spa


Close to the foothills of Serra do Caramulo, at an altitude of 250 metres, in the middle of dense woods, almost in the eastern extremity of Bairrada, rises this small village Vale da Mó, with its great treasure the Thermal Spa of Água Férrea.


The Valley is a serpeante land belt tight between mountains, abundantly filled with pine and arbutus trees with rare mixture of cork oaks, olive trees, acacias and eucalyptus, sprouting from the soil, covered with the most varied undergrowth vegetation, making Vale da Mó a unique place for healing treatment and rest, of very dry microclimate, without fogs and temperate, from where you can enjoy a magnificent landscape.

Its location, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is fundamental for the cure of nervous depression and fatigue, so common nowadays.


Located 5 km from Anadia, and wedged between two major centres of development, it has good and easy access (35 km from Aveiro, 8 km from Curia, 10 km from Luso and 30 km from Coimbra).


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 10,6km - 14min

Oliveira do Bairro: 16,7km - 17min

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Therapeutic Indications

  • Blood diseases (anaemias and others due to iron deficiency)
  • Gastro-hepatic diseases (gastro-duodenal and hepatopathies)
  • Anorexia and convalescence

Thermal Season

1st June to 31st October


Monday to Saturday: 08h00-12h00 | 16h00-19h00

Sunday: 08h00-12h00 | 15h30-18h00

Extra Information

Water Features

The mineral water from Termas de Vale da Mó is bacteriologically pure, odourless and with a slightly iron taste.

It is a hypothermic water, weakly mineralized (total mineralization: 165mg/l), moderately sweet but with an acid reaction (pH 6.3).

Chemically, Vale da Mó water has a high stability being, from the ionic point of view, a ferruginous magnesium bicarbonate water, the temperature at emergence is 15ºC.

It is a unique representative of this type of Portuguese hydrological heritage.

Vale da Mó Thermal Baths and Spa


3780-460 Anadia

Aveiro, Portugal

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