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Nova Casa dos Leitões Restaurant


Nova Casa dos Leitões Restaurant

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Your favourite restaurant - the best suckling pig


The restaurant has 4 rooms, with capacity for 730 people, an esplanade to receive some services and an extremely large car park with conditions to receive a great number of cars and especially buses.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 2,4km - 3min

Oliveira do Bairro: 14,2km - 16min


Nova Casa dos Leitões Restaurant is a family business founded in the 60s and it was one of the first suckling pig houses in the heart of Bairrada, focusing its cuisine, in addition to the "Bairrada" suckling pig, on the confection of regional plattes such as "cabidela", rice with brown sauce, "feijoada" and codfish baked in the oven.

Likewise, and in a small cellar, located at the back, the wines of the restaurant were produced which, over the years, gave rise to the Adega Quinta da Mata Fidalga.

Unbeatable in the art of roasting suckling pig, Nova Casa dos Leitões also ensures, and in a highly rigorous way, all the stages of its preparation, from the slaughter, to the roasting, preparation, seasoning, and permanence in the oven. This house is also strongly committed to the careful selection of regional ingredients and the promotion of good healthy food.

However, and despite the commitment of remain faithful to the origins in a region of recognised notority in gastronomic terms, this house distinguishes itself by promoting other menus and betting on complementarity. Therefore, before allowing yourself be invaded by the pleasures of the table, take a look at our renewed menu and venture into experiences.



Rissole of Suckling Pig, Cheeses, Suckling Pig pâté.



Chicken Broth, Vegetable Soup



Roast suckling pig Bairrada style, Sea and Earth Special, Veal Fillet Nova Casa style, Steak 4 Peppers



Octopus Lagareiro Style, Codfish Narcisa Style, Grilled Squid and Shrimps on a Stick



Open from Monday to Sunday

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Nova Casa dos Leitões Restaurant

Avenida Cidade de Aveiro

Estrada N1, nº 118 Peneireiro

3780-624 Aguim

Anadia, Portugal

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