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Rei dos Leitões Restaurant


Rei dos Leitões Restaurant

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Unique good taste and luminosity


Since 1947, Rei dos Leitões has maintained the tradition of welcoming its customers and friends, and of ovens heated with the calories provided by the wood and eucalyptus bark.

It is the second oldest restaurant in the country selling this nationally and internationally recognised delicacy, Leitão. With a unique good taste and luminosity in depth, Rei dos Leitões has much more to offer beyond what is tangible.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 4,5km - 6min

Oliveira do Bairro: 16,3km - 18min


On a sunny Thursday of May, 40 days after Easter, in 1947, the family decided to roast a suckling pig and sell it retail in a small and simple tavern, which they owned and where they used to eat other beautiful local delicacies, always well accompanied by the good farmer's wines that were being consumed at the time. The time when the movement on National Road 1 would be intense is long gone.

Rei dos Leitões kept the tradition of the ovens heated with calories provided by wood, eucalyptus bark... these are some of the characteristics that differentiate and enhance the restaurant.

Over the last few years, remodelling and re-stylings have been carried out, where good taste and detail are beyond reproach. The suckling pig was and always will be the gravitational centre of the meals at Rei dos Leitões. Of course, one cannot forget the chanfana, roasted as in the old days, the codfish in the oven, the steak chops from the Asturias, the noble octopus à lagareiro or cooked with shrimp, the rojões, so typical of our area, the fresh wild fish, caught in the cold and salty waters of the Atlantic, almost always by the line and bought at the Costa Nova market 2 to 3 times a week. Of course, and the suckling pig sticks, so tender and succulent that they were prescribed in the old days to children when they suffered from ectericia or anemia, made with onion, are a unique repast. The cabidela of suckling pig, with rice or potatoes.


Thursday to Monday: 12h00-21h00

Tuesday: 12h00-14h00

Closing day: Wednesday

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Rei dos Leitões Restaurant

EN1 Av. Restauração, Nº 17

3050-382 Mealhada


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