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Casa do Canto


Casa do Canto


Casa do Canto, a history, many lives, many wines


The vineyards of Casa do Canto are located in the best clay-limestone soils of Bairrada and, although the trend is to diversify the grape varieties according to the tastes of the market, which appreciate easier-drinking wines, Baga is still the grape variety of choice here.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 8,3km - 11min

Oliveira do Bairro: 8,7km - 11min


Visits by prior appointment only


Casa do Canto dates back to the 17th century (1680), but its more recent history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, a time when António Rodrigues and later his sons António and Manuel Joaquim increased their patrimony of vineyards in Bairrada to such an extent that in an engraved stone in the winery there is the wine production in 1856, which was of 4.678 barrels and became the largest winery of the region.

Manuel Joaquim, although owner, was a priest and therefore turned towards the ecclesiastic environment, while António managed the family estate. These brothers lived together in Casa do Canto. One of the properties is called Olival do Senhor (Lord's Olive Grove), because from its olive trees came the olives that later gave the oil, to be used in the house chapel to give light to the Lord. The house chapel dates back to 1680, and in 1860 was consecrated to the Holy Name of Jesus. The altar has the altar stone (that contains the Holy Relics) and an altarpiece in stonework that appears on page 61 of the monograph of Anadia, attributed to the master stonemason João de Ruão. In the sacristy, there is a wrought iron and glass window with allusions to S.to António and a painted red clay image from the Aveiro potteries of the mid-19th century (1845 to 1850).

Of the first construction there still remains the coach-house, the porch, the distillery and some rural constructions. The current house, with its beautiful architecture, was built in 1903 by Afonso Joaquim, António's 12th son. At the beginning of the 1st Republic, when the church property was sold by public auction, Afonso Joaquim bought part of the Passal, where there is still an oak tree that is considered the oldest oak tree in the region.

The grapes are harvested at the right ripeness, arrive at the winery in grape transport crates and are destemmed. At the winery, the musts are slowly fermented in traditional open lagares and stainless steel tanks closed with cold, and the wines are stored in glazed cement, stainless steel and wooden vessels.

In 2010, at the beginning of the 21st century, Casa do Canto changed ownership, who wanted to keep the tradition going. It is a strong brand, with prestige, which wants to diversify the range, increase production, conquer new markets, invest in wine tourism, promote the wines and the hospitality of this land called Ancas, in the heart of Bairrada, in full respect for all those who are part of this long history of Casa do Canto.

Casa do Canto

Anadiagro, L.da

Rua da Boiça, n.º 33

3780-051 Ancas

917219707 | 919184265
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