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Giz by Luís Gomes


Giz by Luís Gomes


The will to produce his own wine led him to develop a project at Bairrada region, which he considers one of the best regions in the world for the production of hight quality wines.

Aspetos Diferenciadores

The Giz project is based on the recovery of centenary old vines, full of native grape varieties, where Baga and Maria Gomes predominate, planted in poor and stony soils. The raw material here is rare, but extremely precious.

The soils, of limestone nature, provide the construction of unique and unmistakable wines, while favouring the retention of natural acidity and transmitting freshness and minerality. These characteristics contribute to the authenticity, singularity and complexity of the resulting wines.

The entire viticultural process is developed in a sustainable way, with the maximum commitment to respect the soil and nature, promoting biodiversity. Weeds are controlled by a mechanical process, avoiding the use of herbicides. The intervention in the natural process is minimal, both in the vineyard and in the winery. The handmade vinification process is followed by several months resting in French oak barrels.


With a background connected to science and technology, biochemist and founder of entrepreneurial projects in biotechnology, Luís Gomes decided to give a new direction to his life, to dedicate himself to one of his great passions - wine.

After his MBA in management and marketing, he took a Master's in Viticulture and Oenology at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, which allowed him to develop skills in the areas of conception, planning and management of the best viticultural and oenological practices, according to the wines he conceives and recreates. Thus was born the solo project, on soil of a calcareous nature, reminding us of Chalk!

Giz by Luís Gomes

Coimbra, Portugal

info@gizbyluisgomes.com | gizbyluisgomes@gmail.com
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