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Quinta da Mata Fidalga


Quinta da Mata Fidalga


The passion and professionalism that Quinta da Mata Fidalga places in the production of its wines makes it one of the main producers of the Region.

Its philosophy is guided by the constant work with partners and customers, in order to promote and reinforce the QMF brand over the time, always searching for perfection in the name of a sustainable growth.


Distance from Bairrada Spaces

Curia: 2,4km - 3min

Oliveira do Bairro: 14,2km - 16min



Monday to Friday: 10h30| 15h00 (These and other times require previous booking)


11h30-18h00 (Winter Schedule)

11h00-20h00 (Summer Schedule)

Aspetos Diferenciadores

In an attempt to do the best and provide consumers with excellent products, QMF is always innovating and looking for new solutions. QMF is currently a partner in the international PREMIVM project, which aims to create a low-cost portable device capable of non-invasively estimating sugars, chlorophyll, polyphenols and nitrogen in grapes and leaves.

These measurements will be made in the vineyard based on innovative techniques of chlorophyll fluorescence and collection of multispectral reflectance data correlated by specific mathematical models, georeferencing (GPS) all samples. The equipment will allow the collection of information in the field, in a precise way, with the aim of increasing the quality of the final product.


Quinta da Mata Fidalga is a company dedicated to the production of high quality wines and sparkling wines. It was at the dawn of the 80's, that the wine production of this farm began to gain expression, as result of the passion, determination and entrepreneurship of its founders. In the place where the vineyards are installed today, and give to origin our wines, there once existed a luxurious forest, much sought after by the nobility of the time as a leisure and entertainment place, which is why we decided to baptize our wines as "Quinta da Mata Fidalga".

Quinta da Mata Fidalga

Estrada Nacional 1, 118 Peneireiro

3780-624 Aguim

Anadia - Portugal

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